The 17th

Asan Rhinoplasty Symposium

Featuring Live Surgical Demonstration,

Video Demonstration, and Lectures

May 9(sat) – 10(sun), 2020

Asan Medical Center Grand Auditorium, Seoul, Korea



Name Affiliation
Hesham Saleh Charing Cross Hospital, London, UK
Grant S. Hamilton Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, USA
Derek M. Steinbacher Yale University, Connecticut, USA
Yasushi Sugawara Lilla Craniofacial Clinic, Tokyo, Japan
Chih-Yen Wei Visage Aesthetic Clinic, Taipei, Taiwan
Ting Wang Dalian University, Dalian, China


Name Affiliation
Yong Ju Jang University of Ulsan, Seoul
Dong Hak Jung Shimmian Rhinoplasty Clinic, Seoul
Taek-Keun Kwon AONE Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery
Jung Soo Kim Kyungpook National University, Daegu
Dong Young Kim Seoul National University, Seoul
Soo Hwan Kim Catholic University, Seoul
In Sang Kim La Bom plastic surgery clinic


Name Affiliation
Kun Hee Lee Kyung Hee University, Seoul
Ji Yun Choi Chosun University, Gwangju
Yong Gi Jung Sungkyunkwan University, Changwon
Hyung Min Song The class & Mizain Plastic surgery, Seoul
Ji Sun Kim Eulji University, Seoul
Ji Heui Kim University of Ulsan, Seoul
Na Hyung Gyun Yeungnam University, Daegu
Ho Jun Lee Hallym University, Chuncheon


Day 1: Saturday, May 9th, 2020

08:00 – 08:30 Registration
Patient selection / Moderator: Yong Ju Jang
08:10 – 09:30 Practical surgical anatomy for rhinoplasty Ji Heui Kim
Facial photography for rhinoplasty; Common errors Yong Gi Jung
Screening or selection of trouble patients in China Ting Wang
Challenges of in-office rhinoplasty Hyung Min Song
Patient selection in rhinoplasty to avoid unhappy patients Hesham Saleh
Classifying high risk patients Grant S. Hamilton
Minimal change primary rhinoplasty-should you do it? Hesham Saleh
How to become a student of rhinoplasty Grant S. Hamilton
09:30 – 09:45 Coffee break
Live surgery I. / Moderator: Kun Hee Lee
09:45 – 12:20 Open rhinoplasty using costal cartilage Yong Ju Jang
12:20 – 13:20 Lunch
Live surgery II. / Moderator: Yong Ju Jang
13:20 – 15:20 Open rhinoplasty using silicone In Sang Kim
Alar base and alar-columellar relationship / Moderator: Soo Hwan Kim
15:20 – 16:10 Alar base reduction Hesham Saleh
Ala-columellar relationship in Korean primary rhinoplasty patients Kun Hee Lee
Treatment of alar columellar discrepancy In Sang Kim
Alar lifting procedure Yong Ju Jang
16:10 – 16:30 COFFEE BREAK
Deviated nose and traumatic nose / Moderator: Jung Soo Kim
16:30 – 18:20 How to do osteotomy to correct bony deviation Ji Sun Kim
Deviated nose in rhinoplasty-maxillofacial surgeon’s perspective Derek M. Steinbacher
Personal experience of deviated nose correction Chih-Yen Wei
Correction of deviated nose: back to the basics Dong Young Kim
Nasal valve surgery: true or false Kun Hee Lee
Corrective rhinoplasty for post-traumatic deformity of nose Yong Gi Jung
Extracorporeal septoplasty for correction of severe septal deviation and deviated nose Jung Soo Kim
Rhinoseptoplasty for traumatic nasoseptal deformity Ho Jun Lee
Cleft rhinoplasty Derek M. Steinbacher
18:40 Welcome reception and dinner

Day 2: Sunday, May 10th, 2020

08:00 – 08:20 Registration
Adjunctive surgeries / Moderator : Taek-Keun Kwon
08:20 – 09:10 Around the nose procedures to enhance rhinoplasty Ji Yun Choi
Orthognathic surgery and rhinoplasty Derek M. Steinbacher
Adjunctive surgery needed for rhinoplasty Taek-Keun Kwon
Fat grafting in rhinoplasty Derek M. Steinbacher
Revision rhinoplasty / Moderator : Grant S. Hamilton
09:10 – 10:20 Short nose correction with combined materials Chih-Yen Wei
Cartilage flap technique for short nose correction Yong Ju Jang
How to correct septal perforation Jung Soo Kim
Various reconstructive options for deformed nose Dong Hak Jung
Reconstruction of totally missing septal cartilage Yong Ju Jang
Treatment for filler-induced skin necrosis Dong Hak Jung
10:20 – 10:40 Coffee break
Tip and dorsum / Moderator : Hesham Saleh
10:40 – 12:30 Endonasal tip surgery – what can you do? Hesham Saleh
Correction of bulbous tip Dong Hak Jung
Columellar strut versus septal extension graft in rhinoplasty Derek M. Steinbacher
Considerations in septal extension grafting Yong Ju Jang
Combined procedure that increase the effect of tip plasty Taek-Keun Kwon
Options for tip augmentation in patients with depleted septum In Sang Kim
Template-assisted Rhinoplasty Yasushi Sugawara
Reliable framework in Chinese augmentation rhinoplasty Ting Wang
Surgical outcomes and complications of septal extension graft supported by 3D printed polycaprolactone plate Ji Yun Choi
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch
 Dorsal augmentation / Moderator: Dong Hak Jung
13:30 – 15:40 Overview and recent trend of dorsal augmentation Na Hyung Gyun
Costal cartilage harvesting the safe and painless way Grant S. Hamilton
Dorsal augmentation using diced cartilage shaped by “Jang cartilage mold“ Yong Ju Jang
Creation of nasal dorsum with milled costal cartilage graft Yasushi Sugawara
Nasal dorsal modification using a variety of autogenous tissue Taek-Keun Kwon
Pros and cons of dorsal augmentation using rib cartilage and silicone implant Hyung Min Song
Augmentation rhinoplasty with ePTFE; A ten-year experience for safety Yong Gi Jung
Adjustment of dorsal profile in alloplastic dorsal implant In Sang Kim
Management of nasal dorsum – my philosophy Soo Hwan Kim
Nasal dorsum grafts and implants in Chinese patients Ting Wang
Avoiding the unnatural dorsum in rhinoplasty Grant S. Hamilton
15:40 – 16:00 COFFEE BREAK
 Panel discussion : How I reduce hump and prevent complications / Moderator: Yong Ju Jang
16:00 – 16:30 Panel discussion Hesham Saleh, Grant S. Hamilton, Derek M. Steinbacher, Yong Ju Jang, Dong Hak Jung, Taek-Keun Kwon, In Sang Kim
 Edited video session / Moderator: Yong Ju Jang
16:30 – 17:30 Edited video session Yong Ju Jang, Dong Hak Jung, Taek-Keun Kwon, Kun Hee Lee, In Sang Kim, Ji Yun Choi
17:30 Adjourn


Complete in block capitals and mail, or fax, or E-mail to (For confirmation please enclose copy
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Yong Ju Jang, MD
Professor, Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Asan Medical Center
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Yong Ju Jang (ARS), Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Asan Medical Center,
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* Please note that all banking costs must be paid by the participants. A duplicate of the bank transfer statement with the applicant’s name and address as well as the details of the payment must be sent by fax or e-mail to the secretariat.


Before April 26th After April 26th & On Site
Specialist USD 300 USD 350
Resident/Fellow USD 250 USD 300

*Reistration fee include free lunches and welcome dinner

Cancellation on or before 26th April 2020: 70% refund/ Cancellation after 26th April 2020: No Refund.


Hotel around the Asan Medical Center

A. Asan Medical Center
(88, Olympic-Ro 43-Gil, Songpa-Gu, Seoul 138-736, Korea)

1. Olympic parktel (
Distance from AMC: 940 m

2. Lotte Hotel World (
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Distance from AMC: 7.2 km


Take airport bus → Take off at Jamsil Station → Take a taxi or bus to Asan Medical Center
(“AsanByeong-won” in Korean).


By Airport Limousine
Incheon Int’l Airport (Time required: approximately 110 minutes / Bus Stop: 5A, 11B)
Airport Limousine to Jamsil (#6006) → Jamsil Station → Bus (#4318) or Taxi
Airport Limousine to Gang Dong Gu (#6006) → Seoul Olympic Parktel (Hotel) → Bus (#4318, 8431) or Taxi